GRE Test Centres

How to Select a GRE Test Centre

The GRE Revised General Test is offered to the students all over the world for pursuing their studies in graduate and business schools. This is the new version of the test that has begun from August 2011 with a view to enhance the competitiveness of this examination with the help of renewed or modified questions. The Revised General Test allows the students to demonstrate their skills and provide an insight about their academic performance during the course of college studies. The test is taken by around 6,75,000 potential applicants for this test from 230 countries or regions. Pursuing graduate studies is the stepping stone for higher academic goals. The GRE Revised General Test includes the following sections:

How to Take the Revised General Test

The Revised General Test is taken by students from 160 countries in 700 test centres and the students are supposed to follow any of the following methods for taking this test.

For the computer based tests, the students are not allotted fixed dates as these tests are conducted throughout the year in regular intervals intest centres as specified by ETS. Although, these test centres are located in most regions, there are some exceptions for the students who are taking this test from Hong Kong, Mainland China and Korea where the students are able to take GRE only twice every month. On the other hand, the paper based tests are held in those locations where computer based tests are not available. The paper based tests are conducted in separatecentres three times within a year in October, November and February.

Test Centres for GRE: Computer Based

The computer based Revised General Test is conducted throughout the year and the students are allotted on a first-come first-served basis. There are two different lists for the centres that are continuously upgraded. While one list caters to the students of US, Puerto Rico, Canada and the US territories; the other list is meant for the international students. For more information, the students should log on to in the official website of ETS. The students of Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan and other international locations can check for a comprehensive list of computer based GRE test centres.

Test Centres for GRE: Paper Based

The paper based tests are available in those regions in which the computer based tests cannot be administered. The students should check for appropriate information in the official website of ETS as the test is not available in all test centres on the dates that are mentioned for this test. The students can check for more information regarding centres for the paper based tests.

Both the paper based and the computer based tests can be taken only once in every two months, not exceeding five times within a period of one year.

Test Centres for GRE Subject Tests

The GRE Subject Tests have not undergone any changes like the Revised General Tests. These tests are not compulsory; the students can take this test in eight disciplines. Taking the subject tests allows the students to reveal their determination for pursuing graduate studies and college work. Besides this, the students can also supplement and emphasize their academic skills in those disciplines in which they are taking the test. The subject tests are offered in paper based GRE test centres and the students can check for a complete and accurate list.


The GRE Revised General Test and the GRE Subject Test are conducted in test centres that are located all over the world. The students should try to check all the information regarding the locations that administer the tests and the dates on which the tests are being conducted. The official website of ETS contains all information about test dates and locations that is to be noted by the students before taking the test.

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